Welcome to Ragan Group

Ragan’s laboratory pursues interdisciplinary research (material science, chemistry, and physics) to overcome scientific and technological challenges associated with novel device development. Self-assembly using chemical and thermodynamic driving forces allows us to arrange assemble systems with molecular scale control on millimeter length scales. Tailoring molecular structure on composites formed via spinodal decomposition and having tunable and continuous pore structure is pursued for increasing performance of energy systems. Focused studies on understanding and controlling physical parameters – architecture design, local chemistry, and devising robust analysis methods have led to record performance of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). Developed SERS sensors are not only able to fingerprint individual molecules but also identify and quantify chemical signatures in complex biological backgrounds at trace analyte concentrations. These architectures are being developed as low cost diagnostic devices. These advances lead us toward a future where telemedicine can play an important role in healthcare.